Single Axel

Single Axle Galvanised Trailer For Sale

If you want the best in effective galvanised single axle trailers for sale, but at affordable prices, it must be Galvanised Trailers, your local specialists in Melbourne. There are a great many benefits to single axle trailers that you might not be aware of and that you can enjoy for a good price with galvanised trailers.

Single axle trailers are lighter than dual axle trailers, meaning that they respond well to your steering decisions. This means that they are also more economical to drive as well, consuming less fuel to move you the same distance. They also have less equipment, including tires, bearings, and brakes. All of these will therefore cost less when they need to be replaced.

Whatever you’re after, whether you need a single axle car trailer, or a double axle or machinery trailer, we can help. You’ll find that our heavy-duty trailers will last for years to come.

Our galvanised trailers use the best in galvanising technology including zinc protection, to resist rust. The beauty of zinc protection is that when there are chips are cracks in your trailer, the metal will ‘heal’ itself with exposure to oxygen.

Call us today to find a single axle trailer for sale that will suit you!