Tipper Hydraulic

Hydraulic Tipper Trailer

Looking for a trailer that can handle heavy loads that would break weaker trailers? When you think strong, think Galvanised Trailers for a kind of hydraulic tipper trailer Melbourne customers can truly have faith in. Our hydraulic tipper trailers are made for all sorts of heavy duty jobs.

With our range of tipper trailers you have all the benefits of galvanised metal. Galvanised metal is strong against rust, thanks to a protective layer of zinc added to the surface of the metal. This can often be seen on the metal surface, as the metal will shimmer in a ‘flake-like’ appearance on the surface, if unpainted. Zinc is an amazing element, if there are any chips or dings in the metal of your trailer, mere exposure to oxygen is enough to self-repair!

All our hydraulic tipper trailers for Melbourne are made with the best equipment and hydraulic technology. They are also easy to operate. A mere push of the button and the hydraulics will do all the heavy lifting for you! This is great for private use as well for small businesses – to save you on the cost of labour!

If you’re not sure which product is right for you, why not give us a call? Well guide you to the right trailer for your needs.