8X5 Tandem Fully Welded Trailer

8X5 Tandem Fully Welded Trailer


Here you can find information about our 8×5 trailer. We have prepared an image gallery of the product along with all product details. If you need more information regarding our 8×5 trailer range, Contact us today and let us know about your requirements.

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Product Details

  • Size: 8x 5′ (inside 2500*1520*300 mm) overall 3.85 cm.
  • Mesh Cage Depth: 600,900mm removal cage (900 mm cage extra $150)
  • Trailer Sides: 1.5mm Ribbed Steel Plate Galvanized, Standard 300mm Depth
  • Floor: 2.5mm Checker Plate
  • Surface Finish: Hot-Dipped Galvanized
  • Load Rating: 1500kg Tare , 500 kg ATM 2000kg
  • Chassis & Drawbar: 70x50x1.5mm RHS, 100x50x3mm RHS
  • Suspensions: Rocker roller : eye to eye 6 Leaf Springs
  • Axle & Brake System: Dual Axles; 5×50 square Disc Brake w/Handbrake
  • Wheels & Tyre: White Spoke Wheel,185/R14
  • Coupling : Ball Coupling for Quick and Easy Release
  • Jockey Wheel : Swivel Jockey Wheel for Easier Manoeuvre
  • Tailgate: Drop Down Rear Tailgate with Slip On-Off Hinges
  • LED tail Light, Plugs: 7-Pin Round & square
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